Founded in 1997, the Firm is conveniently located in Causeway Bay on top of the Causeway Bay MTR Station (Exit B).

The mission of the Firm is to provide quality yet affordable legal services to the general public. It is firmly believed that only by so doing can Hong Kong people truly enjoy the rule of law.

To allay popular anxiety about hefty legal costs, the Firm has designed fixed costs packages for common legal services such as matrimonial and insolvency matters. In any event, clients are generally informed in advance of the items of legal services to be provided and the cost break-down of such services.

To further enhance the transparency of the profession, the Firm is the first to introduce advertisements in newspapers and magazines, on television and public transport facilities including the MTR and public light buses.

In 1999, and for a number of years afterwards, the Firm was continuously awarded the internationally recognised ISO 9002 certification. This is a rare achievement among solicitors firms in Hong Kong.

The Firm’s founder, Mr. Paul Tse, was admitted as a barrister/solicitor in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore. He has had close to 40 years of experience as a barrister and solicitor. He had regularly contributed articles to newspapers and magazines, had 7 books published, and was interviewed on numerous occasions by newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations on law related topics. He had hosted very popular law related programs on radio and television. Mr. Tse is currently a member of the Legislative Council and of the Wanchai District Council among other public duties. He has been a Non-executor of the Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation and CR Construction Group Holding Limited.

The Firm offers a wide range of legal services including property, company, commercial contracts, intellectual properties, criminal and civil litigation, arbitration and enforcement, wills and probates, divorce and matrimonial disputes, bankruptcy, winding up, civil celebrant of marriages, and Hong Kong immigration matters, etc.

The Firm was appointed and has acted as Provisional Trustees under S.12(1A) of the Bankruptcy Ordinance – Pilot Scheme (“the Scheme”) since 2008 to perform and carry out all the work and duties otherwise carried out by the Official Receiver’s Office.

The Firm has repeatedly won Innovative Entrepreneur Awards conferred by the Standard Chartered Bank, the East Weekly Magazine and Eagle Star Insurance Group.




本行創辦人謝偉俊律師,為香港、澳洲、英國及新加坡註冊大律師及律師,有近40年資歷,多年來在多份報章、雜誌撰寫法律專欄,出版7本書,主持新城電台「法乎情」及亞洲電視「拍案驚奇」法律常識節目,經常為電視台、電台及報刊解答法律疑難。謝偉俊現任多項公職,包括立法會議員及灣仔區議員,也是香港按揭公司及華營建築集團控股有限公司(上司公司編號 01582)非執行董事。